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 Avatar rules/ bonus

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PostSubject: Avatar rules/ bonus   Wed Oct 07, 2015 2:25 am

The Clan Avatar is something that u can have with u like a summon or pet. it has different bonus's that it offers. the main one this clan uses is the skilling bonus. When u join the clan u will start getting anagogic ort drops. You will get 200 everyday. When u get 300 you can either feed them to avatar or give them to the quartermaster in the clan keep. Feeding the Avatar 300 orts will get you a week's worth of bonus exp in all skills. 3% if ur in the same world as avatar(our clan home world is 100 so avatar will only be in world 100 or citadel) And it gives a 6% bonus in all skills if ur close to avatar or if u have avatar summoned to follow you. U must re feed avatar every week for bonus. Also the rules for holding avatar is as followed. you must be admin or above rank to hold the avatar. an the only rules for holding avatar is do not leave world 100 unless ur going to citadel. and never log out with avatar. Its take several hours for it to come back to the citadel.

Thanks again
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Avatar rules/ bonus
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